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Two Secrets to Making More Sales

Okay, I want to give you two more secrets that were critical to the total dollar number. And, I’m going to talk about why I’m not using those secrets any more.

Okay, before I get into these two secrets. The first thing is, there’s this idea of doing whatever it takes to get the buyers. What ever it takes! I mean, if you have to go out and buy a solo ad just for the purpose of getting ten more buyers, and lose money on the solo ad, get the ten more buyers. Get to where you’ve got five-hundred buyers. And, you send an e-mail out that says I’m launching, and you get, twenty percent of the people, a hundred people to view this sales letter. Converts at twenty-five percent on the first day, you get twenty-five buyers, mail it out this afternoon, you get another twenty-five buyers, you’ve got your fifty, bump it on the WSO forum, run a banner ad, spend a couple hundred bucks more, because you’ve got money coming in, enough for a hundred buyers the first day, then some affiliates start promoting, you can do affiliate contests.

Affiliate Contests May Not Be the Answer

By the way, affiliate contests are not all they’re cracked up to be. Okay, I’m giving away five-hundred dollars or more, a thousand dollars, in affiliate bonus’ usually just motivate just one or two top people, that’s what I’ve found.

I’ve found that total sales are usually not totally just off the charts. Okay, now. That obviously even as you see me growing my business to a two-hundred grand level, that now it’s growing to five-hundred grand, for example. And you think, maybe I’m giving bigger bonuses, maybe more people are involved. What I’ll tell you. I’m going to tell you, you know we talked about it, I talked about obstacles, and I talked about things.

Simple Sales Letters Work

One of the things I do different is, as you know is, I don’t use all the fancy graphics and all of that.

I find, that the kind of sales letters that I write convert just as well as the other stuff. They convert just as well. My WSO’s outperform many, many, many of the other big, big, WSO’s out there. I believe that the style of letter that I use. Gets me a more loyal, devoted fan in the long run. Because, it’s simple.

Because it’s bare bones. Because there is, there’s a feeling that generated, when we can get away from all the hype, and the bells, and the whistles, I just really believe that, from a psychological perspective.

Now, the second reason is, I’m just too lazy to do it any other way. And, you say, well, Sean, you don’t come across to me as a lazy person. All the hard work that you do. And, I do a whole lot of hard work. But, part of the reason I do the hard work is, get this, because I’m lazy. Because the thing is, I don’t want to work any harder than I have to. I work really hard. A lot. But I still don’t want to work any harder than I HAVE to! And, so I try to do things in a smart way.

And, what I’ve discovered is, that these sales letters convert really well, but they’re more dull and boring.

Attracting Affiliates Without Contests and Flashy Sales Letters

So, what happens is, it makes it a little bit hard to attract affiliates, because the affiliates are often times looking for that excitement and the pictures, because they think it will convert better. But, once somebody promotes for me, they tend to promote a lot in the future.

There’s a couple of reasons for that. One, I believe, is because they get e-mails from their subscribers saying thank you for recommending me this, it’s nice to meet Sean. Because of everything that I’m able to learn, and he’s got great training. People like to hear that.

The second thing is, my refund rate is really, really, really low. I believe there’s a couple reasons my refund rate is really, really low.

Number one, the training is good.

Number two, one of the things I’ve noticed is, now this is anecdotal, I haven’t done the tests. Is that if I sell a big package, with like ten hours of training in it, for the same price as I sell a package with one hour of training in it, my refund rate is higher on the big package. I believe the reason is people listen to the first track, and they’ve only gotten ten-percent of the information, they don’t want to take the time to listen to the rest. They get a refund. But, if you have a one-hour training, the refund rate, as long as it does what the sales letter says it does, I find the refund rate is really, really, really low. Like less than one-percent. Almost across the board. Period, paragraph end! The refund rate is really, really, really low.

The First Secret

And, so, I told you I was going to give you two secrets. These are two secrets that take your WSO business to the next level. I don’t think I’ve ever shared these before.

Okay, one is, packaging your WSO’s together. So, every so often I’ll take twenty, or forty, or sixty, or eighty, or a hundred WSO’s, and I’ll do a big package. So, if you bought a hundred WSO’s at seven bucks, it’ll coast you seven-hundred bucks. BUT! this big package, for forty-dollars you get a hundred WSO’s. Those packages tend to conver really, really well. And, obviously they make you money.

Here’s the second secret, no… this is actually part two of the first secret. Here’s part two. I do a hundred-percent commission on the seven-dollar trainings that go up a penny on every sale, and then I do fifty-percent commission on all the upsells. On the big-ticket ones, forty, fifty, sixty, I do fifty-percent commission across the board. So, I make more money, and the affiliate’s happy, because they’re making money too. Because, conversion rates are really, really high, so they’re making twenty-bucks a sale instead of seven.

The Second Secret

Now, the second secret, this is one I do not do any more. I did it in the past, for one primary reason. I’ll just be totally transparent with you. For one primary reason, I wanted to maximize income. And, I’m going to tell you why I don’t do it any more. And that is offering private label rights to the WSO’s as you create them. Now, here’s the thing, what do you have to lose when you offer private label rights. You’ve already sold the WSO, so unless you’re going to resell it in a different format, you’re done with it anyway. And, so, if you let other people sell it, then, I mean, a lot of people have come to me as buyers after buying private label rights items from somebody else, because somebody else sold it, then they listened to me teach, and then they go join my list. So, there’s a lot of advantages to private label rights. It’s almost like having a built-in affiliate program where you’re not paying any body anything. Because, they’re going to sell all your products, and people find out about you, when they find out about you they join your list and they buy from you.

And then the second thing is when you put a package of PLR rights together, you charge money for it, you do the fifty-percent commission, you charge forty, sixty, a hundred bucks, and you make really good money on it.

But! Here’s why I don’t do it any more. Part A is, as I go into the future, I’m planning to kind of get away from doing as many WSO’s, and start launching my training on some other format, and as I do that, I don’t want to be releasing the private label rights. The key reason is, I’ve discovered, through a lot of looking and watching, is that the people who buy private label rights, are looking for the easy way out. There’s nothing wrong with that, except, that the easy way out doesn’t usually make people full time marketers. And, my goal in my business is to, to help people go full-time.

That’s my goal! I want you to go full-time!

That’s why I push so hard for making a hundred grand a year, because for most of you that’s full-time income. Some of you are getting away from the vice-president job or something. You need three or four hundred grand to maintain your standard of living, but for most of you a hundred grand will do it.

Now! I find that if I sell private label rights on package, people buy the whole package, and then they try to resell them, but because they’ve never studied sales they’re no good at it, they’ve never had to do the hard work and they’re no good at it. And, so, I’ve just decided that I’m going to retrench and stop selling private label rights. I’m going to go back to the basics, which are teach people how to do the things, and then, you go out and do it. And, that’s obviously what I’m doing right here, so, this is part of that transition. Now, I wanted to share that with you, because you may say, now, you know what? I’m going to sell private label rights because, I believe they help people. Now, I don’t believe they help people. Do they help a small percentage of people, yes.

But, I’m at the place in my business where I want to maximize the number of people that I’m able to help.

I mean, that’s just me.

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