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Using Conversational Copywriting In Your Email Campaign

You’ve discovered how to write an incredibly compelling sales letter in my last few posts (Click here to get my conversational copywriting method, or here for how to make a writing a sales letter easy ).  Here’s a question a reader sent in that I wanted to answer:

[Question]: How would you integrate this sales letter method with your email communication.  You’ve said everything about the sales page really, but what about the integrating that into your communication email wise.  Do you have a formula for that?  Would you write 1 email, or would you write a series of emails, would you still use your talking to a friend type talk, and would you still continue to probe people for their problems?

[My Answer]: I could go really deep on this one – I’ve done something like 25 hours of training on email (check out the IBU Youtube Channel for some of the videos).

But, the general theory would be that every email is written to a friend.  Every email is written as if it’s to somebody we know.  Then, every email has the purpose.

Again, every email has a purpose.

For example, let’s just say that this is content marketing. You have a content marketing email campaign.  Let’s say that there’s 25 different ways to generate traffic through content marketing.  I could write 25 emails queued up every other week for a year.  Every 2 weeks there’s 1 email about a different type of content marketing traffic.  The purpose of that is just building credibility.  I’m just teaching for free.  Now, maybe I have a content marketing training program.  If I’m in the content marketing niche, I’ve got content marketing training program.

Maybe if somebody reads one of those emails (which are really like mini-content pieces), and they get to the end, they read my close.  In my close I say, “By the way, if you really want to learn a lot more about content marketing, take a look at my content marketing training program.”  That’s an example of a close.

I just gave you the example of writing 25 and spacing them out over a year, but you could write 25 and space them out over 25 days.  Every day, somebody gets one.  This could be the giveaway, that would work in some niches: “Join my list, and you’ll get 25 content marketing letters.  25 different content marketing sources.”  And, every day, they get content marketing source 1, content marketing source 2, and at the end of every email it says, “Hey, if you want to learn more about content marketing, check out my content marketing training program.”

It’s totally friendly. I used the formula I shared with you in the articles on conversational sales letters.  It’s totally friendly.  Remember, if they found me from an article, they found me on the search engine, they came from my book, they found me through an interview.  The already know and trust me a little bit.

Now, they read a few of emails, where I’m freely giving them information, I don’t hold anything back in an email.  I’m just freely giving them information.  When they finally get to my sales letter, which is written using this friendly “coffee shop” type formula, when they read my sales letter, they’re just going to bond deeper, and if they would like to learn much more about all those content marketing sources, they buy my content marketing training program and I teach it to them.

It’s really that simple.

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