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Which Types of Content Should You Produce?

Where does that leave us, when you’re starting this big business website. We recognize that Google is 1/3rd of the picture. The other search engines are close to 1/3rd, in my opinion. Sharing is 1/3rd. We can’t target Google, we’re not going to pay-per-click.

Where does that leave us?

It leaves us coming up with a viral traffic source. Where does virality come from? We talked about it at the very beginning. Virality comes from people wanting to share what’s on your website.

What does this boil down to?

It boils down to the fact that if you want Google to recognize you, you want the other search engines to recognize you, you want people to share you on Facebook, Yahoo, G+, LinkedIn, Twitter, everywhere else. What do you have to have? You have to have stellar content on your website. If you’re not putting stellar content on your website, everything else goes to waste. Because if you’re not putting stellar content on your website, nobody wants to share it on Facebook, nobody wants to share it G+, nobody wants to share it on Twitter, Google doesn’t want to tell people about it, and on, and on, and on.

You’ve got to have stellar content on your website. If you go back to the list from Alexa, again, it’s not a perfect list. Results are skewed, whatever, but a list is a list. And from a relative perspective, it’s probably pretty good. If you’ll take the time, and you look at these websites that are top, you’ll find that they’re all putting new content on their front page every day, all day long.

I know you say, I’m a small guy, I’m a small gal, I can’t do it all the time, all the time. That’s okay, you can grow to it. All of these websites started from scratch somewhere at some time. Some of them have been doing it for nearly 20 years. Some of them it’s only been a year or two or three, and they’re making it happen right now today.

The truth of the matter is, if you want a big business website, you’re going to have to do big business things. What that may mean, is hiring a few people, in various time zones around the world, and asking each one of them, and you could literally hire 24 people, one for every time zone around the world, pay them $5 / day, or whatever. And all they have to do, is write a 100-word blurb, about some other good content online, and post that to your website. Just have somebody do that every single hour. What would happen if you did that for a year? And you were inviting people to your website, and you were telling everybody you knew, all the other things we talked about, everything we’ve talked about as preliminary viral traffic training, and all of those types of things. But if you were doing things to make that thing go contagious, and you were posting things like that, and you were making some YouTube videos, and you were to embed those YouTube videos on your website, you were to do some Instagram, you were to do some Pinterest, and you were to participate in forums, everything you did you linked to from your website, and you did that for an entire year, what kind of traffic could you have on your website? I believe that you could have a lot of traffic. I can’t put a number on it. I believe you could have a lot of traffic.

That’s the concept. Now I want to talk about some of the things that you can do. What are some of the things that you can put on the website that people want to share? Articles! You write new articles.

I want to tell you a story. Well, it’s not a story, it’s my opinion.

People say that video streaming is like the #1 content online? Well, how are they measuring that? They’re measuring it in the number of minutes that people are spending online, consuming information. Let me ask you this, if you personally are spending 2 hours online, what are you doing during those 2 hours? Are you spending a full hour watching video and doing nothing else? Or are you spending an hour reading e-mails from other people that are trying to persuade you and convince you of their way? Reading articles online, skimming articles online, and watching YouTube the other half of the time?

Or, is it possible you’re actually spending an hour and a half reading, and you’ve got some YouTube going on in the background. Let me ask you this, at the end of the day, when your brain is full of new knowledge, where did the bulk of that knowledge come from? I submit to you that 90% of you are getting 90% of your new information from something that you read? Why? Because it’s faster. Because you can read more in an hour that you can watch in 12. I believe that still – the #1 way that people are consuming information is through reading it. Some of you are saying that’s just wrong. You’re wrong, because all of statistics tell us you’re wrong.

Let’s look up some words using Google. Go to Google and type in 3 keywords:

The first keyword is, “how to create a scrapbook”. Now, in theory, if video was the #1 way that people are learning about things, and Google is very good at showing people what’s going to get the most clicks, they should be showing video 8 out of 10 times. Not just theirs, not just YouTube. They should be showing video. But, they’re not. How to start a scrapbook, WikiHow, print! Everything about scrap booking, print. Paper Wishes, print! Then there’s some images. Great scrapbook ideas from Martha Stewart. C’mon, Martha Stewart has her own scrapbook page. It comes up for how to create a scrapbook.

Then there’s 3 YouTube videos, then there’s Facebook, then there is “How To Scrapbook” which is on

If Google is pretty good at figuring out what people want, if they’re good, they’ve chosen to feature a video 3 out of the 10 results.

Next let’s look up “how to build a list”. What do we get?

First thing is Hubspot, next thing is SocialTriggers – print, next is helpscout – print, experian – print, 5 forbes – we just talked about forbes that’s 6, copyblogger is 7, kissmetrics 8, smartpassiveincome 9, 10, this looks like 11, that’s an interview that I would imagine is current, then there’s some ads.

Let’s look at one more. Type in: “how to karate chop through a brick;” you would think that this should be video, right? Should be all video. And, 3 of the 10 options are video.

You do have a good shot at Google rankings of you do a popular Youtube video, but stop right there, nothing else is showing in Google rankings except print. What does that tell you to put on your website for people to consume? I believe that #1 it’s print, #2 it’s videos that are hosted on YouTube. Videos on YouTube are #2. And I’m not talking about 51% articles 49% video, I’m talking about 90% print and 10% video. Or 80% print, and 20% video.

I believe that when you do this and you go build your business around what I’ve just written, it probably it isn’t going to work. But when you build your entire business around everything that we’ve covered in this training, and you’re posting 5, 10, 15, 20 times a day to your website, with print content, and you’re telling people about it on Facebook, you’re telling people about it on G+, and you’re making pictures and putting them on Pinterest, and Instagram, and you’re involved in Forums, and you’re involved in communities, things will being to happen.

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