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Why EVERY Piece of Content Needs to be the Best

So the next question has to be, how do you do that?

It starts when you begin a relationship with them.  I’ve already mentioned in another training the need to create relationships with your visitors once they come to your blog.  But actually that relationship starts before they get to it.  It starts when they encounter your content for the first time.  It starts when they read the very first article or post, listen to that first audio.  It starts then because it’s their first opportunity to meet you.

Think about it like this.  The only way the prospects will become aware of your expertise is if they do a search, then click on a link that takes them to something you have done.  I’ve said that already.

But it means that no matter how much content you’ve produced, their first impression is going to be with just one small part of it.  That’s one reason why everything you do has to be not just the best you can make it, but the best there is.

There’s another part of this that’s even more important: the first article, blog post, audio, whatever it is, it has to speak directly to them.  They have to know in their heart that you’ve created that content just for them.  That’s because your goal is to begin a relationship with them as soon as they come in contact with you.  Then everything that follows will build on that new relationship.  You can have no way of knowing which bit of your expertise they’ll come in contact with first.  You have to make sure that everything that you create is capable of doing that.

The flip side of that is that if they don’t connect with you for the first time, they probably won’t come back for a second look.  This is so important.  Everything that you create must be focused on starting that all important relationship.

You can see once they’ve discovered that, and they know that you know what you’re talking about, they’ll start to look for your content elsewhere.  They may go back to the search engine results.  They may even search on your name.  Chances are they’ll eventually find their way to your blog.  That’s exactly where you want them to go.

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