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Why I Focus on Trust in My Business

I’m going to share with you where I’ve personally developed the concept of really building deep relationships in emails rather than just trying to sell people.  Here’s how I’ve discovered about building emails with relationship, that it’s not just to “Sell, sell, sell, sell.”

In my emails, I’ve always been really open to allowing someone to just send me an email and ask me a question.  Most emails have an automatic reply or a no-reply, some type of a help desk or a foreign country.  Most people are not used to getting a reply back.  Well, I do things differently, I actually read and reply to peoples emails.  I was doing that because it’s the right thing to do, not because I thought it would increase sales.

When I opened up my first coaching program, I noticed that the people that became members of my coaching program were the same ones that would reply to an email and that I would respond to.

So, going back to the scenario of the 100 subscribers and the 3 that were buyers, if we were looking at that same 100 subscribers with a coaching campaign, maybe 6 of them would buy coaching.  3 of those people would have been from the people I responded to in the email.  If we look at the total numbers, if we have 97 people who just read our emails and don’t respond, and we have 3 people who correspond via email, and 3 people buy, that’s like 100% conversion rate.

The next step for me was to see if I could take this to the next level.  Instead of 3 people voluntarily interacting, what if I were to help them along?  Would I get the same results?  What I did is I started sending emails and I would experiment with a lot of email lines to get people to respond.  I would ask questions, I would send “I need your help emails.”  I’d ask trivia questions related to their business, ask about their goals, what’s holding them back, and ask what they’re struggling with.  The more I would send out, the more people responded.

What I found was more and more people would join coaching after they had a conversation with me.  So we’d go back and forth, two or three emails back and forth. It’s like clockwork.  Through the course of doing this I found that the more interactive I became, the more people would buy.  Once I learned the Trust Trigger, I would then use that as my guideline for creating my first 10-15 emails rather than just guessing at what I would do.  What I would attempt to do is to use one of the Trust Triggers I previously mentioned at least once in that 14 day campaign.  Over time I became more adept in using multiple triggers in each email.  I believe that starts to tighten that trust.

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