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Why Most Marketers Fail Month After Month

Sometimes I do things in my business that I don’t even realize that I’m doing.  If I don’t realize I’m doing it, it’s very difficult to teach it.  I don’t even know I’m doing it.  One of the things that I think is very clear in my business is the funnel process.  But it’s something that most people don’t really do.

Most people don’t have a really clear understanding of it – and I don’t teach on it because I don’t think of it as being something that’s just so critically important.  Yet, it’s something that I do on a very regular basis in my business.  On a consistent basis.

Everything that I do goes through a very specific funnel from beginning to end.  Very specific.  From the very beginning, from the time that I get a new visitor in, a percentage of those people need to become subscribers.  Then, within 30 days, a percentage of those people need to purchase 1 out of 3 to 4 different items.  Next a percentage of those people need to purchase a second item, and then a percentage of people need to become a coaching client.

In a way my business almost lives or dies by these numbers.  I can look at these numbers and if these numbers are down, that tells me that income is down.

If you have 100 people through the funnel, and you don’t know what’s going to happen to those 100 people (or 1000, or 10000 people) …

…If you have 100 people come into the funnel, and you’re just hoping and praying that somebody will buy something somewhere, maybe you do make some sales.  But you have no way of connecting those 100 people to the revenue.

Every single month you have to reinvent the wheel, hoping that if you get another 100 subscribers, and that those 100 subscribers will go through and maybe make a purchase.  It would be kind of like if you are baking a cake, or if you are making a stew, and every single time you were to make that stew, you were to start from scratch with no memory. “I wonder how I could make this?  What spices can I put in?  What herbs can I put in?  What can I put in?” Every single time the stew comes out differently.  And if you like it you can’t duplicate that next month because you don’t know what went in.  And if you don’t like it you can’t not duplicate it because you don’t know what went in.

Honestly, that’s how I see so many people in the information business running their businesses.  They have absolutely no idea what happens between the time somebody becomes a visitor and the time that they purchase from you.  And they have absolutely no idea how to maximize that process so that they’re able to consistently generate revenue over the course of time.

I just want to imagine that we have 100 visitors, I’m going to use 100 subscribers, so I’m going to say we have 300 hundred visitors that after the opt-in procedure become 100 subscribers.

We take those 100 people and put them into a prewritten email campaign that’s 30 days long.  We send out 1 to 2 emails per day for 30 days.  We promote 3 different products with the email campaign.  We have 3 products: we have an entry level product that it’s $97.

Then we have an advanced product that’s $297.  Then we have a coaching program that’s $100 a month.

Imagine you have this all in place.

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