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Why You Must Craft Engagement Emails For Your Campaign

In this training I’m going to teach you how to properly write an engagement email. This type of email allows your prospects to actively engage with you in conversation, thought and emotion. Why do we want to write engagement emails? To answer this question, let’s look at the typical emails in an email campaign…

We generally see four types of emails in the average campaign online:

One is a sales email where someone is pitching a product.

The second of email is a content email that may include some training.

Before we get into the second two types of email, most email marketers will spend the majority of their time trying to balance sales and content emails. They try to figure out the perfect balance on pitching versus educating or just plain content. Some of the thinking and reasoning that goes into this goes like this, “If I send three content emails can I send three sales emails?”

Again, for many marketers trying to achieve this balance is either a guessing game or a chore.

One of the things that we have layered in throughout the example emails in this book is the credibility email. This is an email that might look like a content email but its true purpose is to establish credibility with your list. This could be a social email or a testimonial email. It could be a credibility piece if you have an article that’s published on a respective website. It may be an award or certification on a particular topic, etc. etc.

The last type of email is called an engagement email. This type of email will generally have a survey or question(s) for your list to answer.  These can be sporadically spaced and an email campaign.

What I attribute a huge amount of my success are the series of engagement emails that I send. These are engagement emails that are sent back to back that build upon one another. These many engagement email series allow people to bond with me in the same way that content emails do.

The purpose of content emails is to display your knowledge and to develop the law of reciprocity.  This type of email is ideally supposed to stimulate this type of thinking: “Ok, I have given you something and now hopefully you’ll buy something that I have that will help you.” This allows even the content email to help us build towards the sale. But an engagement email will take this to another level.

I have been using these in my campaigns with extreme success. In this chapter I’m going to show you how to write four different types of engagement emails and use them in a series. I’m going to show you how to brainstorm different patterns and different places where you can use these engagement series and show you what an entire campaign would look like with multiple engagement sequences within that campaign.

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