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Why Your Emails Should Get Subscribers Excited

Take your email campaign to the next level:

There’s a reason why you want emotional involvement. Let’s say you have two products that are for sale, and the sales letters are very similar, one program was half the price, and that program has the exact same lesson material. If somebody buys it from you, and someone else buys it from the other person, who is going to get the most out of the coaching? The person who buys it from you. Even if it’s exactly the same program.

Why? Because you’ve been sending powerful content emails that connect with them on an emotional level.  They get excited, and they trust you more, and when they buy your program, they’re more likely to delve into it at a deeper level and apply it. If you have a great coaching program but a client buys it and does not apply it, well, you have made money, but if the client does not apply it they’ll not get any results. This is something that you don’t want.

We want our clients to get results and the only way for them to get results is for them to do the work. To take this further, if they get results with your coaching program, they’re more apt to stick with you and invest with you in your other programs. If they’re involved in a monthly membership, when they get results they’ll continue to stay a member. If they paid yearly, they’ll re-enroll.

You make more money when people get results.

At a core level, you want people to get more results from you than they would be able to get from anyone else in your niche. Why? Because you want to be better than the competition. We want to change people’s lives better than anyone else can. Using engagement emails allows you to do all these different levels and get the ultimate of engagement.

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