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Writing a Sales Letter

This book has been about email campaigns, but having a sales letter to direct your subscribers to is important.  So this little bonus gives you an overview of the process of writing a good sales letter.

In writing a sales letter there are going to be a number of elements that you know that you want to cover.  Choose an order based on what you like, it does not have to be in a particular order.  Once you’ve done this, sit down and write a heart to heart letter to the people on your list that have needs.  And don’t worry so much about the order it’s in, just get the letter out.  You can always change the order later on.

What I find is that even the best of the best sales letter writers, if you were to copy their headline style, you copy their paragraph style, you copy their second paragraph style, it won’t sell for you as it sells for them.  The reason is that when you send it out to your list, it’s not in your voice.  It’s in the other person’s voice.

In my opinion, it’s better to have a sales letter that’s in your voice that isn’t perfect than to create a sales letter that’s perfect that’s not in your voice.  I find that your conversions will go up, I’ve seen it happen in my case, in others case’s that the numbers go up.  There may be some language that you want to learn, but that’s not the most important thing.

One technique that’s highly recommended by other teachers is to simply study other people’s sales letters.  Write them out and get a feel for the language.  When you go to write your own letter, don’t just regurgitate what someone else writes, instead write it from your heart.

I must say, there’s some value in buying a copywriting course, there’s definitely some value in buying some low end copywriting courses just to get a handle on it.  Learn from different people and make it your own.  Your first sales letter may be a little choppy, your second one is going to be better, your third one is going to be even better.  Then when you go study some more it will be even better still.  This is one area where practice really makes perfect.  Just learning it doesn’t create the practice.

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