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Welcome – Subscriber Collaboration


With the subscriber collaboration offer, you’ll be receiving 1000 subscribers from my new-subscriber campaigns.

Now, the first things that need to be done in order to get your offer on my squeeze page are these things:

1) a good giveaway that I can proudly tell people about (typically a pdf, but can be a video or an audio)

2) your autoresponder email that delivers it and that delivers the confirmation email must be professional and pass my approval – they must clearly indicate the name of your product and have a clear, easy way to download the giveaway

Keep in mind, I will be 3 waying my new subscribers onto your list as well, so quality is VERY important to me

3) to provide me with access to your autoresponder so I can set up the automation that will automatically add the leads to your autoresponder and trigger the first email that delivers your giveaway


Please shoot me an email and let me know if you need any guidance on those items, and as soon as you have them in place, shoot me an email and let’s get started sending you leads!


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