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coaching program lessons you can use in your coaching program

Congratulations! You have chosen a great coaching program lesson series that will deliver REAL value to your clients!

Here are the terms: You can use these lessons as is (just upload to your site and put them on your own download pages), you can re-record in your own voice and use them as your own, and you can use them as a guide to creating your own lessons.

You cannot resell the lessons in a package like this, you don’t have any kind of resale rights to the lessons, you can’t resell them on another site – these are strictly for YOUR own use in YOUR coaching program.

This page will get you to the lessons:

==>Coaching Program Lessons

There are about 8 or 10 lessons on each page, I recommend in download each lesson training and copy and paste the lesson direction on each page onto a page on your own website (you can create a blog post for each lesson, then protect the lesson using membership software)

— Sean Mize, author of

Anyone Can Coach

PLR to Automation Marketing Training Program
PLR to Complete Product Creation
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