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Congratulations! You have purchased private label resale rights to my 2 hour product creation and quick sales letter training:

These are the official rights (standard plr rights):

==> Resell the audio as is

==> Edit it and sell it as “Your Name plus Sean Mize presents”

==> Re-record it in your own voice as your own

==> Give it away to your subscribers as a bonus for buying something or even just to subscribers to say “thank you for being a subscriber”

==> Transcribe it and make another product all together out of it

==> Do ANYTHING you want with it, including give it away, resell it, repurpose it, re-record it as your own, transcribe and use it as your own – even publish it as a kindle with YOUR name as the author

Here is the training itself:

Step 1:

This training will teach you – and demonstrate creating a product in less than 2 hours:

==>Create a Product in Less Than 2 Hours

2: Listen to the above training, take notes on the steps, then take
action and DO each step. YOU can create your OWN product in the next 48
Imagine what happens in your business if each week you create a new product?

take action and do it – this is the same method I use to create my own
products, and I’ve created dozens and dozens of products over the years –
and you can too!

Sean Mize, author of ==>Anyone Can Coach

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How to Create a Product in 2 Hours of Less
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