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Watch Me Generate $10k in 10 Days With WSOS

In the next 10 days, the goal is $10k in revenue in WSOS . . .

You’ll be able to watch along, I’ll post each wso plus the “why” behind that wso . . .

Here’s the thing, the purpose of this is to motivate YOU to take massive action.

And that massive action doesn’t have to be wsos – but it DOES have to happen or your business will continue to spin.

So as you watch this, think: How can I do something with massive action like this.

3 things to watch for:

  1. notice how fast I just do things
  2. notice how innovative I can be (or not be) on each offer
  3. notice how I define what’s interesting for me, then frame it to be interesting to others

Let’s get started.

So obviously the first wso is THIS wso.


  1. This concept (watch me) works well. You can do this in YOUR niche and it doesn’t have to be a wso – just do a watch me where folks see the actions that you take.
  2. Historically this offer does well financially and since the goal is $$, why not do it first?

That’s all for now, I’ll post monetary results as we go, and each new wso as it goes.

Day 1: Ok, I was probably going to start this on Tuesday, after Christmas , . .


but I’m sitting here in the living room, my wife is sewing and then she takes a nap, my father-in-law is working on some big project in the garage, and I’m watching the San Franscisco – LA Rams game . . .


And just decided, why not take the 60 minutes to load in a new wso  . . .


yes, it’s Christmas Eve, and yes, nearly a $100o day:




obviously, I won’t plan to post tomorrow . . . but you should expect to see that sales come in tomorrow –


So . . why today?


just like I said, why not?


And why this offer . . because I KNOW that plr converts very well during holidays 🙂


See you next week!


Day 3: Well, now it is the day after Christmas, this was launched the day before Christmas, so this is today’s stats and Christmas Day stats:




Why do you think this did this well these few days?


There are several components that have converged . . .


Day 5: It’s up to $12,000 now – all from one wso:




By the way, before I go any further, it has come to my attention that some folks who bought access to this are disappointed that I’m not fulfilling on what I said I would do . .

Now, what I said I would do is generate $10k in 10 days with wsos (I’ve done that) and explain how it happened and the strategy.


I’m going to explain the strategy next.


But if after reading this, you don’t feel you got your money’s worth watching this, and seeing what’s on this page, please just ask for your money back and my assistant will gladly refund it (it’s not her money anyway, right!!! so it’s less personal if she refunds it than if I do!!!!) ( by the way, the psychology embedded in this paragraph is worth $1000 or more, if you really “get it” – Seriously, one of the big things you deal with in your business is that you take it personally when someone unsubscribes, or doesn’t return your email, or write you back, or wants a refund on your training . . and so you get discouraged and let that griper type of person be the reason you don’t build a $100k business to change your life and many others . . what?????

Ok, back to this program . . .


I hope you followed along live, watched it sit at #1 day after day after day . . .


It’s actually #1 for the past 7 days as well right now:





So what did I do?


I created an irresistible offer that I felt deep down inside was amazing value . . something that could sell for $10,000 and made it $7 to start.


One of the biggest mistakes I see folks make in this business is they ask me, how do I put $100 a value into something so I can sell it for $100?




Why not figure out how to put $10,000 of value into something and sell it for $100?


Make your offers irresistible.


The 2nd thing I did was I made sure that only my best buyers heard about it the first day. That’s right, I sent a private email to only people who have bought in the last few months.


So that would make the conversion rate really high.


Because there’s a old saying, buyers buy.


So I asked the buyers to buy.


THEN . . . once it hit 100 sales with high conversion (I think it was about 40% conversion with about $4 per click)


THEN I opened it to affiliates.


And because the EPC was so high, folks wanted to promote it to THEIR lists.


So they did.


Then warrior plus so it’s conversions and they made it WSOOTD (I think they call it DOTD now but I am old-school, to me this is a wso, so WSOOTD)


Here’s the thing, can I MAKE this happen every time?




But can I put things into place to create an environment where this can happen?




So what is there for YOU to learn?


You don’t have 100 products to bundle together.


You don’t have a list of 600+ people who have bought in the last 3 or 4 months.


You learn that I started with ONE wso several years ago.


And each week you could create ONE wso and sell it.,


And you sell 10 units the first week.


And 20 the next.


all the way until the 10th week you sell 100 units.


Then you can create momentum.


BUT . . . you HAVE to build that consistent foundation first.


If you aren’t willing to do that, you might as well get a part time job in town instead of trying to build an online business.


Cause online business is a lot about 2 things:


  1. Serving real people with real training, on a consistent basis.
  2. Build a foundation of people who like you

But neither of those can be done easily, or overnight.


And they both require you to make a solid commitment to be very consistent about how you are getting the word out and build your following.


Like when I built ezinearticles up to 25,000 articles, I had to write 10 + articles a day for a long time.


Then I hired people to write 250+ articles per month for a long time.


Like the last few years on W+ – one year I think I did 40+ wsos!! that’s nearly one per week


Many times folks will write 7 articles and ask me why they only got 4 subscribers?


I don’t know what to say to 7 articles.


That’s like going to someone who has run 25 marathons (26 miles each) and saying, I ran .2 miles this week and am concerned that I didn’t lose weight.




sometimes folks will say, I recorded 4 videos on youtube but only got 7 watchers.


I look at the videos.


Dull, boring.


And they didn’t tell all their friends on facebook.


They have 200 friends with whom they waste their time chatting about high school days (what???? you are 54 years old, you haven’t seen that person in 30 years . . . seriously, have coffee with someone relevant in your life TODAY)


but they can’t tell their 200 facebook friends about their new videos on youtube?


Cause if their 200 facebook friendies were to watch their youtube videos each day, youtube would perk up and say, whoa! Johnny gets 200 views a day, we should start putting this in our search results.


Are you seeing a pattern here?


Moral of the story:


You want to build a big business, you gotta GO BIG!


What a better time to go big than RIGHT NOW!


What are YOU going to do to GO BIG?


By the way, if you still want that refund, if this didn’t spark you to take action, I don’t deserve to keep your money.


Shoot my assistant an email, she will refund your payment.


Now, go out and take MASSIVE ACTION!


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