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Steve Allen

Hey Don-
I DO have lots of swipe files simply because they help me so much. I have them organized into exactly what they are so I don’t have to totally reinvent the wheel when building things in the future.
Obviously, MY swipe files (the ones I liked the style of or way they were written) might not be the ones everyone else might have saved but they definitely work for me.
Besides the files (that I usually copy & paste into word docs with a link on the doc to the actual page and then organized into folders on my PC) I save good emails into folders using similar organization (some for optin-thank you emails or welcome emails after purchases, some for well written promo emails, some for JV recruiting emails, etc).
Thanks for the link from LiveYourMessage. Much appreciated.
I am more than willing to share with anyone in this Community what I have but don’t know what the easiest/best method of sharing might be. Ideas?

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