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Leslie Leftley

Hi to all Preneurpal members!

My name is Leslie (but prefer to be called Les) and I hail from Leicester in England, and I am now in my late Fifties (My brain still thinks I am twenty however).

I served in the British Army for fourteen years, many moons ago now, as well as a six year stint as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia, during the early to mid Nineties).

I love serious and intellectually challenging conversations (on many topics). But I also love a good laugh folks.

I used to love reading and am still addicted to buying any second hand books I find interesting. But sadly, apart from dipping into them occasionally, I now have a substantial library of really useful business information that, sadly, I make very little use of.

I would love some incentives to read for at least a few hours a week again. I have the library to keep me going for years, so I don’t really need any more titles…lol

I left full time work at the end of 2005 (I was a Payroll Manager). Ever since I have, until recent years, earned a modest income selling physical, used books on the Amazon platform). By around 2013, however, this business had really spiralled into a steep decline, but I became blinkered, kidding myself that things would turn around for me. They didn’t of course

Meanwhile I dabbled in various online business schemes and made next to nothing, but spent a lot. Due to bad choices, and me never following through with anything I started in a committed way.

I have only been “seriously” looking for a replacement online business for a couple of years now. I still sell the odd physical used book on Amazon (my previous online business), but, unlike a few years ago, that no longer brings home the bacon.

Like others here, I have suffered from procrastination, and also butterfly syndrome, whereby I flutter from one online “opportunity” to another. But I never seem to stick with something long enough to succeed at anything. I had, until very recently, an addiction to BSOs….Something that I have been forced to stop, simply due to the fact that I don’t have any money left to spend on them. Burning through two, small cashed in pensions and dwindling savings has put paid to that.

So it’s backs to the wall time for me. Almost the Last Chance Saloon. (Thank goodness for my long suffering wife who holds down a full time job and is now paying for virtually everything, in the running of our rented home). So, if for nothing else’s sake, I want to make something positive and financially rewarding, of my online activity for her. To give us financial freedom and stability in our Autumn years, and for the remainder of our lives.

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