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Sheryl Anderson

****reposting – because I didn’t add the links correctly in my first post*****

Hi All – I don’t know where to start… I am still working on a picture so I will post that once I find one that I like (I don’t take pics much).

Anyway, a little about me: I have been in corporate America for 15+ years as an Engineer/Project Manager /Trainer in the IT/Computer consulting industry. I live in the Washington, DC area

I recently got laid off, and didn’t relish going back to the same old thing. My husband has a job, but we only have money enough for me to “not have a job” for a few more months. So if I want to continue this lifestyle of spending time with my family ( which also includes aging parents), I have to really make this thing work.

I have (like many of you have stated) been dabbling at IM/online business for about 5 years now as a side hobby. But my day job and family life left me little time and energy ( prior to my lay off) to really develop my online business.

I, like was mentioned by some, have a good working knowledge of Word Press, and have built a few for churches, non profits, and small businesses. Here are a couple I have finished recently:
Training de Jour;
Bell Branch Church
Accokeek First Church of God

So if I can help someone with their site, please ask.
Ironically I haven’t put up my own website advertising this services. But listening to Sean’s weekly coaching program and listening to the work that you all are doing has inspired me to get my rear in gear and to start make this a reality.

Additionally as I work with these organizations, I have seen a lack of technology use and support. So I am also offering to help my clients with using software productivity tools/platforms like Salesforce.

My issues: Like Leslie ( I feel we are kindred spirits) – I have been chasing a lot of gurus and as a result have 50 – 100 emails sent to me everyday. But because of my financial situation I can’t afford that anymore. There’s the silver lining to getting laid off.

I would also say fear is my biggest issue. I have been building everyone else’s sites, but haven’t built my own for my business…. What’s up with that…..
But I don’t want what I have been getting, so time to change!

Look forward to interacting with you all soon!

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