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Onofrio Fiorentino

Hi Everyone – My name is Onofrio Fiorentino, and my nick name is Norf, which is what all my family and friends call me, so please call me Norf.

Some of my main interests for now are: Health and Wellness, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, List Building, and Lead Generation, and a few more topics related to marketing so I would love to interact with anyone and help those who have the same interests.

I have some expertise in Direct Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing and I’m very interested in leveraging the Internet to automate and accelerate business growth.

My biggest problems stem from being extremely time-challenged. So I’m working on ways to be more efficient with the little time I have for activities that are outside of my main business interests.

After years of experience I’ve learned that it is critical to spend sufficient time-on-essential-task(s) to get profitable as soon as possible. So, anyone who has these same interests and challenges lets interact.

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