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Loreen McKellar

Excuse the pomposity: here’s my “about”:

No-one in the self-development field has previously explained why people are trying to manifest a life of abundance and service yet find themselves sabotaging or behaving in a manner detrimental to their consciously stated goal.

Loreen McKellar is the first person to identify the link between the lingering effects of childhood trauma and the lack of results using the law of attraction. She has identified that the physical damage sustained by our developing brain is what created the subconscious beliefs.

Loreen McKellar has been an enlightened witness and support to people as they shed insecurities created by subconscious beliefs formed during their traumatic childhood – whether moderate or extreme.

Once the core beliefs were identified and released, the brain started to heal and people found the energy to embrace their natural abilities mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – and as a result, to prosper.

I believe there are others in the forum with whom these issues will resonate. i would like to start a Skype group for us to discuss our fears and our goals. We have the arena to discuss the nuts and bolts of building a business why not make time for the nuts and bolts of building up our self esteem so we follow through?

"The Brain Fixer Upper"

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