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Bruce Bauersfeld

Thought-provoking question Norma thank you we do so many things habitually that we forget there may be better options.

That being said I have over 10 years experience with dragon dictate, Dragon NaturallySpeaking and whatever they want to change their name to.
My wife is a forensic psychologist and uses Dragon 24/7 and has for the last 10 years, and loves it! She relies on me to troubleshoot it when it crashes (frequently) I guess that’s why I hate it. — My personal intake is that dragon is the biggest and the best, but… it’s way too complicated way too sophisticated and requires way more learning and memorization than I’m willing to commit to. (that’s all my baggage). I see her productivity and I’m envious and I try again and fail.

Dragon does/did? have a mobile APP which I tried a year ago. Frequently, I could not log in because of their security system and gave up.

Today, I dictated this post from my Android cell phone into Evernote (Note: I am very biased toward Evernote) that’s my preferred mobile dictation process.
It accepts verbal punctuation well, as well as paragraph pagination.

I am not an apple person so I cannot attest to any experience using IO.

At my desktop I’m totally committed to Google Drive and Google Docs and use the Google dictation frequently [Docs-> tools-> voice typing]
Note: this only works with the chrome browser – what a surprise LOL!

For any Android users I discovered (kind of the hard way) that the microphone and voice recognition on the android is a function of the “keyboard” – somewhere in settings you can select the keyboard. — currently the ‘Swype’ keyboard gives me the best voice recognition (don’t ask how I figured that out.)

Norma, I’m going to try the Google dictation in my voicemail.
I wasn’t even aware of that. Thanks for the tip and thanks for your post. -B

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