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Bruce Hoag

It’s a great theory, Les, about clearing a couple of shelves for the best stuff.

Years ago, we moved into a house that had been converted from a pub.

There was this room at the back that the landlord referred to as a games-room.

I converted it into a library: Pale green Farrow & Ball walls, seven bookcases around the outside of the room; three big filing cabinets; four large bookcases that each were about a meter wide and half a meter deep (screwed together back-to-back and side-by-side) which made a nice large flat place to work from; small fridge; wing-backed chair and drop-leaf table.

There were probably about 2000 books in it altogether.

I decided to put all the books that I used the most in the two meter high bookcase next to my desk.

That stack ended up being about four feet high!

So instead, I printed off the first two levels of the entire Dewey Decimal system, and organized the books that way. LOL

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