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Susan Parnaby

Hello All

I am another one who has played with WordPress for some times so I suspect that I am a few steps ahed of many in terms of discovery learning. One of the sites I manage is That is not a business site but it is the public face of the church craft group I help run. A few weeks after join the church I got to the front door and just knew that I knew that someone should set up a craft group. A year after I first joined I am one of the two leaders of a craft group welcoming people with special needs. When I compare the abilities of the 2 year olds who go to the toddler group to the abilities of this group the children are more able in many ways.

There is one thing I am noticing while typing this and that is I am struggling to see the text. I have an old monitor that makes it hard to see pale grey text. I have magnified the screen as much as possible but it is still not easy to see. The black text is OK but the paler text in this box is not easy to read. It is not just the monitor that is getting old but I am not quite ready to be retired.

Susan in North Wales

God's Lily is "a voice for those frustrated by the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in a way that it strengthens them rather than weakens them further" . If that includes you then hop on over and have a look around. If you like what you see it would be a good idea to sign up to receive our blog broadcasts. Oh and you will get a couple of pdf files that explain the what and why behind the site when

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