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Remcy Mongrue

Wow i thought I was the only one who struggled with perfectionism. I am just like that never thinking that what I’m doing is good enough. However I have another fear and that is that my product/service may be too future oriented. For example when I created my membership program I searched the internet for programs/memberships that were similar to mine and i did not find anything even close. Now on one hand I say wow that’s great because I’m the only one doing something like this so I’m innovative but on the other hand innovate ideas tend to fail more often than not because people do not like or understand change. So I feel like maybe this idea won’t work out.

It leads to me not taking any action at all and then of course there is the fact that not everyone is going to like your product or service which will lead me to thanking that everyone hates it and that what I thought was great is actually garbage.
It’s just so confusing and depressing sometimes i just want to throw in the towel and forget about this business thing all together.
Sometimes i think i’m just not meant to be an entrepreneur and that I should just stick to a miserable 9-5 job at least it’s a bit easier.

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