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Sean Mize

Here’s the thing, I love the concept Scott is getting into . . . this idea that folks can come to YOU instead of going to the search engines . . . .

The thing is, you can’t BE a search engine for ALL THINGS like google and bing . . . but you CAN be the ONE PLACE where folks go in YOUR NICHE !

And the thing is, BECAUSE of the recent fragmentation of the market . . .I believe in nearly EVERY niche out there . . there is a place to have a site that really links to EVERYTHING better than ever before . . .

If someone could find the origin story for Houzz and post it . . it’s hugely inspirational, but it’s a story of how a woman was looking for home improvements and had to go to 100 sites to see everything . . .so she decided to start Houzz . . .and now businesses come to HER to advertise and get in HER site . . . because SHE aggregated it all . . .

dig a little, post a link to her story . . .

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