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Tina Fletcher

Hi Malik,
I cannot answer the psychology of this and I know others in here have the skills and knowledge to do that. What I can answer from my own personal experience so I hope this helps.

Working through the hard Slog

Yes IM is hard, and to make it easier you need to find something that you truly enjoy. Yes I know that been said, but it truly heaps I can give you an example from my life. Previously I worked as a web designer for over 20 years and have done pretty well. I make enough of an income to looked after myself and my family and to allowed us to travel and have a good level of freedom.
Then I started to get burnt out and a couple of years ago I decided to go into IM niche, I created some products and did ok but I was very stressed about making the right product etc. Yes, that’s one of my personality traits I like it right (see all the variables) and will not accept anything less (so I didn’t create as much as I could have done) this create a lot of stress and financial problems and I didn’t find my voice so I didn’t find my audience. I simply didn’t find satisfaction in what I was doing and couldn’t motivate myself to keep going. I think this is the issue many people have. I realized the things I love where design, problem solving and fixing up things.

Do You become less stressed?

Yes and No. I think you become different stressed you love the process/product and the frustration is just part of it, but you are now doing something you enjoy. You tend to not focus on the negative as much and get more done. When I changed my business I found that I changed and so did my attitude and I was happy to put in the extra work needed.
In my case I took the things I loved and found a new way to help the people I wasn’t reaching before. I am now creating a new business renovating website, this means I use my skills to help the audience I like working with and give more.. less stress better results.. win win for both parties.

Controlling the business model

I think you definitely have to know you goals; what you want to do, why you want to do it, what financial goals do you need now and if the future. Without this you tend to create your unmeasurable expectation and create more stress for yourself. For example if you are working full time and you can go without monetary gain for a little while focus on building a strong list of people you connect with, but you should know how, what and when you are going to go for the money otherwise you are just working towards nothing.
<No more stress than any business
I think is the same as being in any business, the difference is it is easier to be in ‘business’ online and if you don’t treat it the same as you would a normal business than the stress, lack of motivation and overwhelm definitely will win. Don’t think of it as something extra (unless that’s what you want) treat it the same as if you decided to open a brick and mortar business and spent thousand of dollars to start it.
Okay that’s my thoughts on this subject 🙂 I hope that helps a little

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