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Susan Parnaby

Pricing was the hardest thing to get right when we started our craft group. We set the price at £2 but the people who came thought it was too cheap and some of them were giving us donations as they felt guilty at paying so little. After a few weeks we doubled the price. Not because we wanted the money but because people wanted to pay us more. We looked around and we realised that similar ventures run as businesses rather than charities charged £12 a session for children doing similar things to what we were doing. Bearing that in mind £4 still seemed very cheap!

The problem we had was finding something to make comparisons with as we have never found another group offering craft activities to adults with special needs. It was the carers who brought folk to the group who told us what they paid for their children going to such activities in towns a few miles away from us. We had not heard of those activities.

People ask us if we want funding but we are the richest group in the church. We have more money coming in than we can spend so buy things for the church. For example today I was talking to the treasurer to discuss what size of table we were going to buy for the church. After all we get free rent and heating.


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