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Sean Mize

And my own opinion is, once you get interrupted x times in a day (different for each person) you hit a personal limit where you can NEVER get back on task . . .

and keep in mind, most strong work is deep work . . .

and deep work . . .once interrupted, often CANNOT be gotten back the same day!

so not only do interruptions hurt when you are doing routine work . .

but if you are doing deep work, or work in a “flow” – even one interruption can kill productivity for the DAY

That’s why I do my deep work before my wife awakes or at the coffee shop.

Even the sound of a sneeze can push me off target.

But if it happens at a coffeeshop – it’s easy to ignore, it’s background noise, I’m not monitoring the world for any cares, there’s no urgency or responsibility to say ” bless you” and start a conversation . .

Protect your deep time and your flow time!

Schedule it, work your schedule for it!

You only get 1-3 or 4 chances per day, then you need to sleep to reset


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