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Jay Kruizenga

Hi Everyone! I’m Jay Kruizenga, with an interest in personal development and a passion for helping others break free of their shell and realize their fullest potential. I’ve followed many internet marketers, a few that are no longer in business, one who was a personal mentee of Joe Vitale, and this mentee’s proteges. I read the books, purchased the courses, built up websites only to never launch them online, and found myself repeatedly coming full circle back where I started. The gurus would always have a solution…all I needed was “this” course, or “this” book…items that when I purchased, they made money. I didn’t. I have no-one to blame but myself for this. Always chasing after the next good thing to come along, recommended by those I trusted.

Reason I never got anything going…I couldn’t wrap my mind around the “i.m. field”. How could I teach others to do what I hadn’t done myself? Fake it ’til you make it. Seemed hypocritical and deceptive. I couldn’t partake morally.

I’ve followed Sean long enough to see that he is different. He has a moral character and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. I won’t be jumping into the “i.m” field, perhaps one day, when I am actually making money online.

Money made online: $0.
Hours invested in “learning”: countless

I’m in high hopes PreneurPal will help me overcome my limits and to make strides toward my goal of making a living online. Thanks Sean for this opportunity. And I’m looking forward to connecting with others who may be in the same boat as I.

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