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I want to focus on reaching as many people as possible because I truly care. However, when I was running my pet care business back in the late 1990s, I did make the mistake of trying to be everyone’s bargain at all times. I had worked in pet care for years and offered the best service in the industry in the Los Angeles area, but running my own business was brand-new for me and I felt a little insecure. This attracted a few nasty people who did not recognize the huge value I offered at such a low price. Of course I also acquired a number of most devoted regulars who adored me and my business became very successful… but I don’t think I would try so hard to always be a bargain, today. Always will I offer the most value for the best price (always remembering the little guy because I’ve been there), but never would I automatically offer a lower price than my competition offers for a similar thing.

♥ Coach Claire

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