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Bruce Hoag

Maybe you don’t know this, but all entrepreneurs have self-doubt.

And if you happen to be in a “creative art” – writing, music, drawing (painting, etc) and so on, you’ll be prone to it.

Self-doubt comes from basic insecurity, and we’re all insecure to a certain extent, especially in areas that we know very little about.

Now add to that the fact that you’re trying to change the lives of people by doing something that no one else has done.

You get the idea.

The truth is, and Sean will tell you this as well, is that you won’t know what works until it does.

You have to just keep at it.

You can get guidance by attending Sean’s coaching calls, but you still have to do what he suggests. It might work, or it might not.

You have to press on.

The key thing is to separate the idea that failing to achieve what you’re trying to do is not personal failure.

Trust me.

You’ll have a breakdown if you can’t keep the two apart.

Just recognize that all successful entrepreneurs got there by persistence.

They worked on a problem until they figured out how to solve it.

As long as you have a clear conscience about what you’re doing, then you should press on.

The self-doubt may never go away completely.

You have to accept that.

But instead of letting that limit what you do, use it as a means to motivate you to prove that it’s wrong.

Bruce Hoag PhD
The Internet Marketing Psychologist
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