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Shawn Miller

Hello Everyone,

My name is Shawn Miller, I am a certified coach that has dealt with grief for a couple of years. I have made some money in the field, but don’t feel right about charging someone at this point in their life. Everyone needs a friend at this point in their life. My goal is to give this coaching away and sell my services in WordPress. I have used WordPress since its infancy. I create websites for others and also teach the use of WordPress. I do enjoy creating these websites. I don’t believe in the cookie cutter method. Everything that I create is custom built for the business or the person that is wanting the site.

I do believe in honesty and sincerity and have followed Sean for many years. I totally agree with his teachings. Sean is one of only two people that I have found that has been helpful for me as a coach. He is the most honest person I know that has really made money on the internet. I feel that most of these online “Gurus” are liars out to get your buck. I am from Ohio and am interested in becoming friends with real people that want to make a living online.

Thanks Sean for this opportunity!

Are you just getting started in business and need help with your website? Send me a message and let me know. I am willing to help. Creating Websites is my Specialty!

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