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Susan Parnaby

You opened a whole can of worms with the idea of charging your phone. It was reading an article about an experiment some school children did that led me to question the wisdom of having a phone next to my bed. It is not just the whistle that made when some starts a periscope broadcast that is the issue. The article suggested that if cress would not grow in an environment where the only difference was the presence of a mobile phone then what impact is the phone having on us. I do have a phone beside the bed but it online needs to be plugged into a landline and not an electric socket. Yes, I do seem to sleep better if my mobile is charging in another room overnight.

That leads me to issue number 2 the stories of fires have been started by leaving chargers plugged into a socket without a fire attached or when a phone is left attached to a charger after being fully charged. Yes, realistic possibilities but how far do you go to reduce that kind of risk.

After seeing people who got themselves tied up in knots because of fear I am frightened of being too frightened, if that makes sense. Have you ever met a deacon who could not be allowed to be the last person to leave the church building because of their fear? They could spend up to 2 hours checking if all the lights were off and all the doors closed etc before they locked the outside door and walked away. The only way to make sure they eventually got home was for someone to tactfully support them as they locked up.

God's Lily is "a voice for those frustrated by the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in a way that it strengthens them rather than weakens them further" . If that includes you then hop on over and have a look around. If you like what you see it would be a good idea to sign up to receive our blog broadcasts. Oh and you will get a couple of pdf files that explain the what and why behind the site when

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