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Susan Parnaby

My struggle today is getting started. I find it relatively easy to get stuck into things when I get up so tend to use that time for the harder tasks or the things I need to do that I have been putting off. One of the things I have been putting off was sorting out the back bedroom enough so that I could close the door. I had put so many things to stow away in there then not got around to spending some time sorting them out that they were overflowing into the hall. I got that done this morning. I had left it so long it took me an hour or two just to catch up on that task. By the time I had done that I had lost my momentum for getting stuff done on the computer. Rather than do nothing I pottered about doing other things around the house that were useful but not very productive in terms of earning money. The house is a lot tidier and the washing and ironing are done. OK it does reduce the brain chatter of you should do this that or the other rather than working on the business and in that sense it will make it easier to do things in the next few days but today is a lost day.

It is the balance of doing something then feeling guilty for not doing something else which I find hard. I cannot do both of them at once so they have to take turns. Maybe that is why I don’t take many breaks. I have a television but I rarely if ever watch it. I am always pottering on around the house or on the computer. Ask me to go out and relax and the first thing that comes to mind is to go shopping which I do every 4 weeks. I have had to develop a feast and famine routine with that to protect my budget. There again if it was every week it would not be long before I needed a bigger house.

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