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Leslie Leftley

Hi Scott,

It’s good to muse, but I personally do not believe the community is currently big enough to begin forming sub groups. We are all, of course, free to network within this group and make arrangements externally.

But I sincerely believe that Sean meant this to be a group made up of all skill levels. I, for example, would feel a little marooned if the more advanced among us, such as yourself, started to spend more time discussing issues on a business level well above where I am currently at. It does not mean that I would not be able to understand such discussions. I consider myself an intelligent human being. But for all of that, I am a novice when it comes to setting up my own online business, and I would start to feel rushed and pressured into running before I could walk by a self professed elite, already halfway up the ladder to success. I joined this group for its sum value, I did not join to be religated to a second or third division with Sean’s community.

I hope you don’t find my reply too close minded, I am certainly not that, but it is, I understand, a selfish viewpoint by definition.

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