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Kristin VanTilburg

Hi Scott:

You are clearly so much more experienced than me I feel awkward sharing my feedback. If the people who will see this page already know that you can help them, then I don’t think my comments apply.

But for the people who are looking to solve a problem I don’t think your story, entertaining though it is, will let them know that you
1. Understand how they feel.
2. Understand their problem.
3. Have effective/affordable ways to help them.
4. Can get them some relief fast.

I really love that quote There are 3 steps to wealth…just three. That, to me, is an exciting promise.

It says to me that I have made it too complicated, and that you can make it easier for me.
When you tell me here that it is much more complicated and that I have to understand psychology and do exercises before you can even tell me what the steps are then you have lost me.

Here’s what would appeal to me for Audio Part 1 (and I am making up these steps, of course).

The 3 steps to wealth are focus, direction and persistence. But the whole secret to wealth is not just knowing what the steps are, it is learning how to take them. Together we will explore each step, and I promise I will keep simple, and easy to learn. Stay with me through the next five audios and you will be well on your way to breakthroughs with your money that you can’t even imagine right now.

I know you are tired, and frustrated. I know you have been struggling. I know that because I struggled too. And I struggled for years. In audio Part 3 I will tell you more about my struggles and how I overcame them all to be in the position I’m in today. But for now let me assure you that every challenge I overcame was for a reason, and at the end of this course you will understand that your frustrations and struggles have served a powerful purpose in your life, just as mine have. You will see how well prepared you are for the next phase of your journey into prosperity.

Something like that…

Kristin van Tilburg
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