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Julia Rotgers

Congratulations Tina!

The pledge is just the beginning, now the real work of keeping yourself on track begins 🙂

Be sure to reach out if I can be of any assistance to you, I’d be glad to help!

Your dreams can become your reality when you give it the time you need.

I was sharing with someone just yesterday about “creating your reality”. A bit woo woo, I know, but here goes….

The thing is, what you see in your life NOW is only a reflection of what you have thought and done in your PAST.
It does not have to determine where you go in your future.

But, you MUST put the energy and effort into TODAY to build what you want if you are going to see it in your future.

This is where the real effort is. Our present is so “real” so prevalent that it can be difficult to keep bringing yourself back to the “path to the future”.

The thing is, you have to have a way to keep reminding yourself of where you’re going AND make yourself get back on the path there IF you want to change what you see in your world (in the future).

Hope this helps.
Reach out if you need a pep talk – you got this!

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