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Well, my niche is chronic insomnia.

So, when Sean asks you to write out those questions like, “Imagine what it would feel like to ___” and “are you tired of ___ because ___” all I had to do was think back to my chronic insomnia days…

It was horrible. You’ll be able to read it in my ebook, but for 5 years, I struggled with it, and it got worse and worse.

To the point that I could no longer work effectively, enjoy my family, or get through each day.

So, to answer your question, how do I plan to change the world?

I can’t change the entire world, of course…But I CAN help people in the same boat by teaching them the strategies I’ve learned to restore their sleep.

I can give them tips to help get their life back (much to the relief of their bosses, spouses, children, and others who care about them).

In a very real way, overcoming bad insomnia is like getting your life back.

I am also very much a “go teach what you I learn” type of person…so once I conquer this project, I see myself expanding to also help others who want financial freedom, by teaching them what the process has taught me about starting a site, creating products, building an email list, etc.

All of this boils down to giving others hope…

This may not change the entire world, but it is possible to change the lives of many.

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