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Julia Rotgers

I wish I could up-vote that Tina!

I’d like to know if a thread receives a reply and be able to @ someone if I want their input.
Not sure if that’s do-able or a good idea as the group gets larger but it would help in following the threads.

I’m having difficulty even searching my own threads, it’s like they disappeared when the other topic thread changed.

All this being said, I do find people are sharing well thought out answers for the most part.

As a whole, it feels like we’re starting to shift gears. Going from the initial push to fill the forum up with topics to a place that can be genuinely helpful.

Also, some people will hold back if there are not clear guidelines.
For instance, when Sean quoted from another thread (How do you stay motivated when you aren’t making any money?), it took me a little off guard;

If you are doing things that DON’T lead to your goal . . . anything that doesn’t lead to it . . anything outside of:

create squeeze page
create products
write a daily email
tell everyone possible about your squeeze page

If you are doing things outside of that and hoping they’ll give you the same results . . . they won’t!

the whole idea here is to encourage you and encourage others and for others to encourage each other – to do THOSE steps and share your work to help you stay motivated to stay on track and do those 4 steps!

I added the bold for emphasis and maybe I took it out of context.

I do know that we can be all over the place 🙂

Maybe an introduction and “Get Started Here, This is How the Place Works” is in order.

I know that another paid forum I was a part of for years was only open to former students of the training.
This led naturally to conversations around the core topics.

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