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Leslie Leftley

Hi Bruce,

I tend to go along with most of what you say. And others on this thread have also made very valid points.

But I would like to add that we are not all professional writers, such as yourself. This is not to pick at you in any way, shape or form. You add enormous amounts of wisdom and learning to the group. We all owe you a huge debt, including Sean himself.

But you obviously love writing, while for others it is far more of a chore.

I am somewhere in between, when it comes to tinkling my keyboard, but I freely admit I sometimes feel somewhat intimidated by several, very generous people within our group. Mostly because they already have businesses up and running. Of course they want to do better, and they want to help. I roundly applaud that, but they are so far ahead of a good many of us, including myself, that sometimes “others” and certainly “I”, don’t always feel qualified to challenge your own, obvious expertise and that of several others.

That being said, this group is exceptionally lucky to have you in its midst. You have certainly given me much food for thought in a relatively short period of time.

On occasion you have politely questioned an element of what I have said, and after thinking about it I have then gone on to re-phrase a comment to get my point over in a clearer way. So thank you for that.

But as a Professional Writer and an experienced proof reader you are again way ahead of the majority of us.

I try to contribute where I can, within the group. But I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud, because I don’t have the solid experience and success that you, and several others, have to fall back upon.

I am determined to succeed, but to do that I may have to become a little more single minded myself… until I get to a point whereby I can be of more help to the group in general. By that I mean getting my finger out, and knuckling down to laying the foundations of my business ideas.

Until that time I rely upon the swirling theories within my head, and life experiences to compete with you pros.

Finally!… there was always going to be a lull after the initial week or so of PreneurPal launching. It’s still very much a work in progress. I suggest that if we revisit this situation in a year’s time it might give us real, solid evidence, and insight into just how valuable this group will…hopefully.. have become.

In the meantime the site. I am sure, can be developed further. Communication between individuals made easier. And Work groups and Mastermind groups given the green light. But most of all, I feel, confidence should be nurtured in those who feel they are not qualified to contribute… or gentle encouragement given to those of us whose initial enthusiasm for the PreneurPal project has begun to wane.

We all need a pick me up from time to time!! Don’t you think?

Please feel free to comment further on my jabberings:)

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