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Susan Parnaby

My first thought was is meant by holding back? There are two possibilities for me. One is holding back in terms of level or depth of the content i.e. quality. The other is holding back in the number of posts or replies made i.e. quantity.

I am someone who does not find routine easy. I don’t even remember to say what do you want me to do today God every day. Those are the days when I wander off and do my own thing and forget to do something important. Of course, there is some overlap but they are not always identical.

One of the things that has fallen off my list of jobs some days is checking PreneurPal. It is easy with Facebook as I get notifications from some groups via email. It is easy to get updates on Periscope as they come through on my phone. I do keep PreneurPal open in a browser tab as a reminder which has helped me to come back as when I review what tabs are open I find it again.

I suppose it is an issue of jogging my memory and pulling PreneurPal back to the top of my mind.

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