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Susan Parnaby

I have an interesting twist on this. If you read can see what I mean. The story goes back to 1991. In some ways, I think I was given the endpoint a long time ago. It has been a blessing in the sense that when going through a deep dark valley I knew that there was going to be an end to it. In other words, there was a dream at the other side of the nightmare.

The issue is working out how to make that dream become a reality. Like many people in middle age, it has been a challenge keeping hold of a vision as so many things have not turned out as we thought they would. When I was 20 my then boyfriend expected to have a job for life and I thought marriage would lead to happiness. The reality is he lost that job due to choices made by politicians and then struggled to keep a job for more than a few years at a time. As time has passed I have added more adjectives to my description of his issues and wondered why on earth I stuck it out so long.

I have been through an extreme training process. My problem is how to connect the dots between that description of the future and where I am now. There are loads of ideas floating around my head some of which have been maturing for many years. I have just checked and it was 2001 when I registered my first domain. That site and the 2 from 2002 were all but abandoned for a few years while the nightmare that was my life worsened and picked up again after the nightmare ended.

I know that the change will involve some aspect of my design as a teacher. It will also use some aspect of my interest in computers. It will also include various strands of ideas that have come round more than once on my journey. After that, I don’t have any firm ideas just a faith that something will happen.

My dream turned into a terrible nightmare.

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