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Bruce Hoag

Thanks for your well-thought-out and precise response, Les.

You’re right that it’s easy for me to express my thoughts in this forum, and it warms my heart to hear that you’re benefiting from what I say.

I just need to – and I can’t think of the word that Jeeves would use, so I’ll explain it instead – let you know that I’m nothing like the success that you think I am.

True, I have a bit more education than many people, and have a few successes here and there, but I’ve been trying to create a business that would enable me to self-sufficient for 26 years. If ever make it, then I know what the title of the next book will be: The 2x-Year Apprentice: What Took So Long?

The biggest challenge that I’ve faced for all those years is not knowing how to codify what I know and understand.

I’ve never had a list that was big enough to ask people what they needed either.

So now you know.

That you and others have benefited from some of what I’ve said tells me I need to keep doing it.

And that’s an encouragement in itself.

Bruce Hoag PhD
The Internet Marketing Psychologist
The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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