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Tina Fletcher

I agree you should tell them the benefits, but you should also keep them interested. So if you are going to email each day. Here’s my thoughts, not sure if its right but it has worked for me 🙂

So lets look at if them come through you optin “How to Choose a Ghostwriter”
Email 1: you send them a welcome email with the download (even if you have sent them to a download page) and maybe mention something in the ebook that encourages them to actually read it not just open and skim.

Email 2: Tell them about a problem and a solution but done sell them anything

Email 3: Ask them about the ebook … connect with them? Do they have any questions how they can connect with you ie email, facebook, phone etc. Still no sell but link it to what you are going to show them in the next email

Email 4: Solve a problem, give benefit of a product you have. If they are still opening they are now starting to be interested and ready to take action

Email 5: give value, tell them something personal so you are now becoming someone they are interested in listening to.. deal with a pain point

Email 6: once again talk about your product

Email 7: give value again

and this continues. You want to give value a couple of time, the product and when you have something really go to offer do it as a campaign so they may already get your email from your sequence, but they may also get another one from you as you are excited to offer them this product.

Point to remember:
Make sure that you signature has a cta, so if they are ready to take action they take the one you want them to do. ie url to your course or coaching
Email lengths should vary from quick a couple of line ones to long ones this makes them want to engage as if you always send short ones they tell to only open them when they have a minute or two and if you only send long ones they may only open when they have 10-15 min spare. So keep them interested. Sean is an expert at this!

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