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Julia Rotgers

I’m not sure how helpful these will be but I have lots of questions/concerns, which is why I don’t hire someone else to do my writing 🙂

How do you know what to write for me?
Will what you write sound like me?
Can you match the voice and feeling of my site or will it feel like another author on my site?
What topics can you write on/about? Is there any topic that is off limits?
Have you ever written something for someone that has become a bestseller or made a lot of money?
What do you need from me to write a good sales letter for my product?
What is the process to write an email campaign for me?
Is ghostwriting a work together type project? In other words, how much input would I have in the end result?
I’ve tried to hire people to write articles before and they were never useable. what would you need from me in order to write a good article, sales page, email campaign, etc.?

…and I could go on…

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