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Mark Rhodes

Julia, I’m not totally sure I understand the question. Is your whole business all about just the one product that isn’t inherently gender-specific?


Here were some of my thoughts. Maybe something in my experience could be a little bit of help…

I’ve been in the hormone world for 21 years now. It leans female for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that women are more likely to seek help.

Anyway, my patient client percentages run something like 80% female. ALSO, even my doctor client percentages run about 65% female. I don’t market the business so much with that in mind. It’s just how it works out. However, I would market a product toward a specific gender when it makes sense. Examples in my world are: hormone testing for men, for post-menopausal women, or for cycling women. I market the products accordingly. Measuring stress hormones falls across gender, as does digestive function. So all my patients get their adrenal/stress hormones checked. I require it.

Big companies differentiate all the time. Just look at the ads around us. Lots of vitamins/magazines/shoes/etc. that are marketed very much toward a single gender. But a vitamin company often will carry a women’s version that may not be too different from the men’s version.

“These stress relief vitamins are made just for women. So that’s why they cost more.”


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