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Julia Rotgers

You’re welcome Bruce!

I wanted to clarify my thinking process, you asked;

Instead, I want to write these things for people.

If you were looking for a ghostwriter, then what topics would you want to learn about?

I wouldn’t want to learn a particular topic to be trained on because, in this case I don’t want to learn how to do it, I’m looking for a service.

If I’m coming to you for ghostwriting I want to be confident you could write like me or be able to adopt the tone and voice of my site, take good care of my audience with the info you provide and prove that you added enough value to my process that I’d be more than happy to pay you for your services.

How do you do that?

Without giving away your secret sauce, an article about how you get to understand the tone of a site, for instance would be interesting to me as a purchaser of your service.

Or how much money could you actually save a person by writing for them? Do you have any case studies you could share?

All this being said the ‘how to do it’ steps can also be good topics because they can lead people to see #1 you know your craft and #2 its more work than I want to do so let’s pass this work on to the expert.

Hope this helps,

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