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I’ve struggled with the same daunting task. I’m faced with building a regular list and a “buyer’s list”.

The buyer’s list is easy – I have lots of tips and tricks that would naturally flow with the rest to provide good value.

I’ve been thinking about what to send the other list, aside from the obvious calls to action to check out my product.

So far, I’ve come up with:
-Links to check out my blog posts/videos (which all, subtly or not so subtly, lead back to an opportunity to buy the product). Ask a question, encourage them to check out the post/answer on the blog.
-Basic stories about how hard life is without your offer, and how it can improve with it. Testimonials and stories are great because they draw the reader in.
-Stories that end with a prompt to check out more information on the site (FAQ, etc.)
-Polls – Have you hired someone before? What was your experience? What did they lack that you need? – Encourage feedback from them to shape your services into what they need.

Now granted, I realize, all of this sounds easier to do than it actually is 😉 But those are some of the things I’m going to aim for initially.

It’s amazing how long someone will stay on a list without buying anything. But then if you happen to offer something at the right time, when they’re looking for it, you might turn that subscriber into a customer. I’ve been on some people’s lists for years, solely because they’re entertaining or informational. One marketer I recently subscribed to tells a joke at the beginning of each email (which is usually a product pitch). How can I say no to that?!

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