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Wow, Scott… I have never heard anyone put it exactly the way that you just did! I quote you:

“…there is a spiritual element to success and a truly happy life. It is through helping others, charity, contribution and giving of ourselves that gives our life meaning and provides our greatest happiness.”

I really needed to hear that! It was by way of my spirituality that I ever survived my most difficult life, but, for some reason, I associate financial gain and success with danger. This is because so many successful people did me so much harm. Deep inside my psyche, I don’t want to be anything like them or have anything to do with them… so I remain in my stubborn defiance by remaining poor.

It is like I am surgically removing that part of a healthy life, altogether… and this is what keeps me broke.

How comforting it is to remember that money can actually be spiritual! Making money through helping and contributing to others is actually a spiritual practice.

Thank you, Scott! Like I said, I really needed to hear that.

♥ Coach Claire

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