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Sean Mize


when folks are investing $5k or $15k, you don’t need to make it so easy that all they have to do is click the button to buy so they make an impulse purchase.

They AREN’T making an impulse purchase at that price point . . .

And rarely is someone going to just click a button for $15k if the most they’ve bought from you is $97 and they aren’t talking with you on the phone.

And if you are on the phone, you ask them if they need to spread it out over a few payment methods, then send an invoice (it can be paypal) for each amount.

And yes, if all you sell is $7 products and you have $15k purchase, it is going to trigger an alert at paypal.

You have to build trust and credibility by selling volume over time, and increase prices over time.

So many forks and options to this . . .

if I had more info on exactly what you are trying to do (and that is not a $15k mastermind because frankly speaking you probably aren’t ready for that yet)

then I could offer other options for how to make it happen.


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