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Yvonne A Jones

Years ago I worked for a huge import company in the business district in downtown Ft.Lauderdale, Fl.
What I discovered gave me a huge appreciation for packaging, branding, marketing, etc. Just one example.
This company only imported merchandise from their factories, as well as other factories, in the Orient.
The merchandise was shipped them to huge chain stores and pharmacy chains in huge containers delivered
to their Port of Entry. The Company had a huge Merchandising Department and multiple showrooms in the
building where Buyers would visit and make their selection.

As I got to understand the business, I realized that many items, like dishes, cups etc. that were ordered
for various low-price chain stores were made in the same factories from which goods were manufactured and shipped
to some well-known upscale chain stores.

Many times the only difference was that the upscale chain stores had their branding placed on the items during
manufacture and when they were displayed in their stores, the consumer felt they were getting a quality
product because of where they purchased the item.

Depending on our market and niche, many times there is very little you may be able to do with the topic itself.
However, each of us has the opportunity to bring our personality, the wisdom gained over the years, our life
experiences that can enhance the knowledge we share-our PERSONAL BRAND-and how we organize the training we deliver.
We can make a somewhat boring topic fun. We can enhance the value of our cup of coffee so that, while it’s not as
well known as the $4 coffee, once people taste it, they tell their friends…because it’s just so good!

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