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Leslie Leftley

Hi Malik,

I should like to condense your list of 14 factors to just 4, to my mind, absolutely essential ones.

The are, in no particular order, using your own words, and with brief commentaries:

“Pain Points” (If the pain is not severe or urgent enough they are NOT (yet) your customers)

“Values” (You must reflect and emulate the values they hold. And you must genuinely hold those values yourself. They will then trust you enough to become paying customers).

“Objections to Sale” (I would deal with all of these that you can possibly discover. But putting all of that aside it should be your ultimate aim to make them an offer they can’t refuse. This makes dealing with objections enormously simpler)

“Where do they hang Out”: All down to hard headed, dedicated research. But once you find them, you can, gather them up, via a squeeze page. Deliver superb value… through a free lead magnet. And, after guiding and nourishing them further (via email sequence), administer the killer blow… A uniquely positioned, refreshingly different solution to their urgent and soul crushing problem.

Hope that helps!

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